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Foundation On-Demand Series

Learn a full spectrum of mortgage concepts, from the fundamentals to the complex.

Products & Services

Learn how to put our powerful solutions to work for your business.


Learn on the go with the Radian National Training On Air podcast series. Tune into expert insights on your favorite podcast app.

The Whiteboard Series

This video series, featuring Rene Rodriguez, will tackle some of your most complex challenges with simple steps that lead to positive results.

Timely Topics

Get the latest on regulations, GSEs and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac policies.

Communication & Sales Effectiveness

Fine-tune your communication skills to improve sales performance.

Timely Topics

Get the latest updates, industry trends, and guideline changes on GSE-related policies.

GSE Income and Employment Flexibilities

The GSEs rolled out “temporary” flexibilities last March to guide you through reviewing borrower income and employment during COVID. This short video breaks down the key points on these lingering flexibilities, so you can stay informed and assist your borrowers.

Redesigned Loan Application Sneak Peek

The existing Uniform Residential Loan Application has had a long run. The GSEs are on the verge of releasing the new form for you to use. In this short video, Radian will offer a special sneak peek to help you and your customers prepare for the changes.

COVID-19 GSE Appraisal Update

Learn how the pandemic has impacted property appraisals. In this video we will show you how the GSEs responded with new appraisal flexibilities and how Radian can help you get through this difficult time.

Financing Properties with Solar Panels

Properties with solar panels are becoming increasingly common and can have a big impact on mortgage financing.

2019 Tax Return Updates

Learn about recent tax return changes and how they may impact your next loan review.

Freddie Mac Student Loan Updates

New student loan guidelines will help bring your borrower’s DTI down and get more loans approved.

Home Ownership Insights: Mortgage Market Conditions

Mortgage Market Conditions provides insight into the current market, the challenges facing today's mortgage professionals and suggests some Radian tools and resources you can leverage to connect with consumers.

Home Ownership Insights: Diverse Markets

This dynamic discussion highlights the expansion of diverse markets and strategies you can leverage to address this market shift. They also provide insight to help you better understand diverse homebuyers and their needs.

Home Ownership Insights: Innovative Mortgage Products

The conversation centers on a number of unique solutions and programs designed to address the varied needs of your customers.

Foundations On-Demand

Title Essentials

Get acquainted with Title and what to expect during the Pre-Closing, Closing, and Post-Closing processes, including key steps involved in obtaining a Title. This course provides home buyers, borrowers, lenders, and professionals in the mortgage industry an overview of key Title essentials, and answers to Title-related questions.

Mortgage Fundamentals

Mortgage Fundamentals is an essential course for those newer to the mortgage industry. Build your core knowledge of the overall mortgage lifecycle, key terminology, loan products, and more!

MI Essentials

In this course you'll learn the basics of mortgage insurance. This will include an overview of how it works, the different types of MI products and how it can be cancelled on a mortgage loan.


Understand and calculate basic types of borrower income, including second job and multiple job borrowers, contractual employees, base pay, overtime, and more.


Simplify your understanding of the most common liquid assets, industry guidelines, and required documentation. Learn about checking and savings accounts, establishing ownership, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more.


Increase your knowledge of fraud by understanding what defines it and how it impacts the mortgage industry. Learn about the variety of red flags you will encounter when reviewing loan files and how to identify fraud schemes.

Self-Employed Borrowers

Gain a basic understanding of the Self-Employed Borrower by learning about the various business entities, their required tax forms and how to calculate liquidity for these types of borrowers.

Products and Services

MI Online Tutorial Series

Watch our step-by-step video tutorials on how to use Radian’s MI Online platform. Learn how to support your Mortgage Insurance (MI) origination and servicing needs, including Non-Delegated MI, Delegated MI, and Contract Underwriting.

RADAR® Rates - Radian's MI Pricing Option

You can also watch this short video to learn more about the benefits or RADAR® Rates for you and your borrowers and how to easily obtain rate quotes.

Refresh with Radian for Servicers

Whether you are a seasoned mortgage professional or new to mortgage servicing, this refresher contains a lot of useful information to ensure success when working with Radian.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Radian helps customers quickly obtain accurate and high-quality comparables quickly, as well as other customizable features.

Innovative Appraisal Solutions – Restricted Appraisal Report & Appraiser Reconciled Broker Price Opinion

Discover our two innovative appraisal solutions.

AVE Pricing Tool

Watch how our Automated Value Estimator (AVE) tool helps customers make quick and informed decisions on their portfolios.

Portfolio Monitoring

Put our Asset Watch to work for you to proactively monitor your portfolio.

Valuation Risk Review

With our Valuation Risk Review, a licensed appraiser can give your customer an unbiased analysis of their appraisal’s quality.