MI Online

Get fast, easy and secure access to MI origination and servicing management tasks with our web-based platform.

MI Origination and Servicing Made Easy

With our web-based platform, you can receive a rate quote, order MI, and manage your MI portfolio throughout the loan’s lifecycle.

MI Online Utilizes Multifactor Authentication.
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Fast, Easy, Secure

MI Online is our web-based platform offering a secure environment that facilitates your MI origination, servicing, and Claims management tasks. By using MI Online to support your MI origination and servicing needs, you can:
  • Obtain a customized rate quote
  • Order MI and Contract Underwriting
  • Obtain copy of the MI Commitment & Certificate of Insurance
  • Activate coverage (monthly deferred only), both individually or in multiples
  • View up-to-date records of Premium payment
  • Access E-Bill
  • Transfer MI servicing
  • Cancel Certificates
  • Change Lender Loan Numbers
  • Submit documents for Underwriting, Early Validation Confident Coverage, Quality Control and Claims
  • Submit Claim requests and view status
  • View and download Initial Explanation of Benefit (EOB) and/or Supplemental EOB
  • Communicate with Radian Customer Care team via live chat and email

Watch MI Online Tutorials

Ordering Non-Delegated Mortgage Insurance

Watch step-by-step how to order non-delegated mortgage insurance through our MI Online platform.

Ordering Delegated Mortgage Insurance

Watch step-by-step how to order delegated mortgage insurance through our MI Online platform.

Ordering Contract Underwriting

Watch step-by-step how to use MI Online for Radian contract underwriting.

Perform a Servicing Transfer

In this short video, we will demonstrate how to notify Radian of a servicing transfer.

Activate Deferred BPMI

Activate Deferred BPMI

Watch how to activate MI on a Borrower Paid Monthly (BPMI) with deferred premium.

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