Communication and Sales Effectiveness

Fine-tune your communication skills to improve sales performance.

The Whiteboard Series featuring Rene Rodriguez

Our extensive video library, featuring best-selling author and keynote speaker, Rene Rodriguez, outlines the simple steps you can take for positive results.

Becoming a Master Conversationalist

Rene Rodriguez puts the L.O.V.E. Method to the test, by demonstrating how to focus on the customer, instead of the task.

Eliminating the Fear of Rejection

Rejection…it’s a reality for every sales professional. Or is it? Rene Rodriguez unpacks the fear of rejection and helps you get into the right mindset to achieve results.

Sales Math

In Sales Math, Rene Rodriguez unpacks the simplest measurable metrics that drive sales and helps you identify the monetary value of each step.

The Sales Cycle

Through real-life examples and helpful tips, you will learn practical tactics you can use to to support lead generation, prospect smarter, and gain a stronger base of connections.

Framing Your Why

In the first video of this series, Rene shares Simon Sinek's philosophy of "Starting with Why," and how it is a power tool in building relationships.

Mastering the Approach

Rene Rodriguez helps you understand the common reasons talk-tos and sales calls fail. He also addresses how to overcome the mortgage fatigue that impacts our industry.

Hidden Drivers of Results

We all want to make positive changes in our lives. Whether those changes are to sell more, get healthier, or even save more money, they all require us to change our behavior. Rene Rodriguez explains these hidden drivers of results.

Whiteboard Series Recorded Webinars

In conjunction with the Whiteboard Series videos, we held four webinars with Rene Rodriquez. Check out all four recordings here.

Webinars on Communication and Sales

Join us for one of our sales & communication webinars to refine your communication skills and improve your sales performance, live with our experts.