February 19, 2021

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Radian Technology in Action

Amid a global pandemic that has accelerated the demand and need for digital products and services, we are at the forefront, delivering new and better ways to manage credit risk and execute real estate transactions. Here are some highlights of our technology and innovation in action:

Mortgage Insurance

Radian has a history of digital innovation in the mortgage insurance industry, starting with the first mobile rate quote app. Through Radar Rates, Radian leverages proprietary modeling to dynamically analyze and customize mortgage insurance pricing, , allowing it to deliver the most competitive rates for many well-qualified borrowers.

Title Services

Radian’s technology-driven title process, Radian Ready, leverages a powerful data and analytics platform to significantly shorten and simplify the title insurance approval process and enable a seamless experience for our customers.

Asset Management

Radian’s award-winning Pyramid Platform uses task-based automation and fresh UX/UI design to help asset management clients save time by automating repetitive tasks, gain insightful overviews of their portfolios, and easily manage their properties.

Valuation Services
Valuation services are provided by Radian’s subsidiary, Red Bell Real Estate, LLC

Informed by the most expansive set of real estate data in the market, Red Bell’s suite of technology-driven valuation services and products are leading the industry into the future with predictive modeling, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation working together to deliver estimated values in an instant. Among these are the award-winning Radian Automated Valuation Model, Radian Interactive Value, and Radian Home Price Index—which is reinventing real estate market intelligence with the industry’s most granular look at housing markets, available within 15 days of month end.


With the launch of MyRadian in 2020, we’ve created a simple modern digital experience for valuations and asset management clients to place, track, and manage orders 24/7 – streamlining the user experience and improving communication.

Robotic Process Automation

Building on a longstanding culture of innovation, Radian has leveraged Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to develop a series of “bots” that help automate critical yet repetitive processes such as reviewing loan applications, sourcing broker price opinions and processing home closings. Radian bots are working 24/7 to help streamline our processing and operations, saving thousands of manual hours and allowing teams to focus on service delivery.

Computer Vision

Through computer vision, Radian is tackling one of the most challenging artificial intelligence tasks and completely transforming the future of home valuations and searches in the process. Its cutting-edge AI models, used by Red Bell, can identify and assess the condition of more than 50 objects inside a home that impact its value—breaking down the biggest barrier to automated real estate insights.

Talent Acquisition

Radian’s human resources team leverages AI in its recruiting process to bring the best possible talent to the organization. With the launch of a new career site, chat bots that engage candidates, and AI that identifies best-fit-talent, Radian has created an unbiased, data-driven, high volume recruiting process that facilitated the hiring of more than 550 new employees in the last year.

Radian National Training

Radian is proud to share its wealth of knowledge through complimentary training resources. National Training offers relevant training and skills to be successful in a tech-enabled world. Clients can browse an expansive selection of webinars, on-demand videos, podcasts, and more to fit their learning style.

Radian and its subsidiaries are orchestrating the digital disruption and future of the mortgage and real estate industry, and we are just getting started.


Residential property valuation services are offered through Red Bell Real Estate, LLC, a wholly owned Radian subsidiary.


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