December 8, 2020

Operations, Origination, Property Valuations

Meet the Radian Bots

Building on a longstanding culture of innovation, Radian has leveraged Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to develop a series of “bots” that help eliminate time-consuming manual processes. The bots enable Radian employees to spend more time on the most interesting, complex aspects of their jobs and less on some critical but repetitive processes like reviewing loan applications, sourcing broker price opinions and processing home closings.

Meet the bots below, which were affectionately named by the employee teams they assist:


Cartoon robot named Adrian


Title and Closing Services

In use since November 2019, Adrian assists Radian’s Title team by eliminating manual entry of data into its systems and working after hours to take care of client updates in record time. For instance, Adrian adds updates to curative notes and closing documents, uploads documents and retrieves potential new orders to then open in bulk through Radian’s title and closing services platform.




Cartoon robot named Fred



Valuation Services 

In use since January 2020, Fred helps Radian’s Valuation team by receiving orders from customers and entering information into its real estate appraisal platform. It also provides clients with automatic status updates at each stage of the process as their orders move through the pipeline.



Cartoon robot named Obi



Title and Closing Services

In use since March 2020, Obishort for “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” because Radian staff consider him all-seeing—assists Radian’s Closing team by ensuring that documents are quickly uploaded and pushed through the funds process so that homebuyers can close on their properties. For instance, Obi takes scanned documents from borrowers and uploads the data to individual transactions. It can handle multiple signings at once, eliminating the need to prioritize a particular closing. It can also compare figures so that there are no surprises at the closing table.


Cartoon robot named Obi2



Obi 2

Title and Closing Services

In use since June 2020, Obi2 contributes to the work of Radian’s Closing team by sorting through the notifications for every client document upload received in Radian’s secure document-sharing platform, to ensure that the documents are retrieved and processed in time for closing. Obi2 also downloads, combines and preps the files for upload to Radian’s title and closing services platform.


Cartoon robot named Buzz



Valuation Services

In use since August 2020, Buzz supports Radian’s Valuations team by troubleshooting issues with Broker Price Opinion (BPO) fulfillment. It monitors the company’s BPO fulfillment queue and if needed automatically compiles lists of potential agent partners, and then uploads the results to each transaction.


The Radian robotic workforce is an example of how automation can add value in nearly every business area. By relieving employees of repetitive tasks and speeding up manual processes, teams can focus on delivering better service.

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