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Radian Master Policy

We’re committed to keeping things simple, consistent and transparent.

2020 Master Policy

2014 and Legacy Master Policies

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Radian’s Master Policy, Delegated Authority and Confident Coverage Application



Stay up-to-date, find the changes on rates, guidelines, systems and company policies from the last 12 months.

Servicer Alerts

Stay up-to-date on changes within our MI Servicing or Loss Management areas.

mi online

MI Online

MI Online is our web-based platform offering a secure environment that facilitates your MI origination, servicing, and Claims management tasks. By using MI Online to support your MI origination and servicing needs, you can:
  • Obtain a customized rate quote
  • Order MI and Contract Underwriting
  • Obtain copy of the MI Commitment & Certificate of Insurance
  • Activate coverage (monthly deferred only), both individually or in multiples
  • View up-to-date records of Premium payment
  • Access E-Bill
  • Transfer MI servicing
  • Cancel Certificates
  • Change Lender Loan Numbers
  • Submit documents for Underwriting, Early Validation Confident Coverage, Quality Control and Claims
  • Submit Claim requests and view status
  • View and download Initial Explanation of Benefit (EOB) and/or Supplemental EOB
  • Communicate with Radian Customer Care team via live chat and email

Radian Rates Mobile App

Take lending to the next level with the Radian Rates mobile app for MI.

Additional Support

Get our MI rates, along with information to help your borrower navigate the homebuying and MI process.