Remote Closing

Real Estate transactions can now be done remotely. We support lenders offering a variety of e-closing solutions to their consumers.

e-Closing Solutions for Everyone

We recognize that our partners may be in different stages of their journey toward fully-digital closings and therefore have different needs, so we support solutions that work for everyone.

Traditional Closing

  • In-person notary
  • Wet-ink signatures
  • Traditional ID verification

Hybrid Closing

  • Procedural documents and disclosures electronically signed
  • Wet-ink signatures on deed/mortgage and promissory note
  • In-person notary
  • Traditional ID verification

RON e-Closing

  • Electronic documents
  • Digital signatures
  • Webcam notary
  • New ID verification

The Advantages of Hybrid Closings

The biggest challenge to implementing Remote Online Notary (RON) services for many lenders is the upfront investment needed. Another hurdle is often particular state laws regarding RON.

Until they are in a position to fully deploy RON, hybrid closings are the most effective path to e-closings.

Hybrid closings:

  • Are easier to implement
  • Require no upfront investment
  • Are approved in all 50 states
  • Reduce risk and operational errors
  • Produce ROI sooner

Case Study: Hybrid Closings

The need for lenders and borrowers to conduct loan transactions safely during the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for low-contact and no-contact closings. Learn how Radian facilitated innovative remote closing services for one of the largest commercial banks in the U.S.


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