Radian Ready

Traditional title has its tie-ups. Radian takes care of business. As the only title company providing an instant clear to close to lenders in less than a day, we provide actionable items for both lenders and their consumers to follow in order to clear remaining items quickly.

It's a Better Take on Title

See how Radian Ready powers a better title experience.

How Radian Ready Is Different

Accurate Searches

Faster, more accurate results and reduced risk.

Clarity for Borrowers

Simple explanations and definitive turn times.

Seamless Workflows

Expedited transition from title production to title curative.

One-Stop Shop

End-to-end service for less hassle and greater value.

How We Grade Title

Our simplified grading system makes reviewing title reports with consumers a breeze and gives them clarity at every stage. When there are items that need to be cleared, we provide an exact break down of each issue and plain-language explanations of how we will cure them.

Radian Ready

When a title is Radian Ready, we deliver a Radian Ready cover page, a clear to close certificate, and traditional title bundle documents, either as a single document or broken up as needed.

Radian Rapid

Radian Rapid indicates items on the title that are expected to be cleared in 1-5 business days.

Radian Traditional

Radian Traditional grading indicates items on the title that will take 5 or more business days to clear.
Radian Ready Report

Our Simplified Reports

We’ve taken the headache out of reading title reports. Each report includes:

  • Property Address, Borrower Name, and loan details
  • Title status
  • Explanation of grading and expected turn time for clearing any issues
  • Next steps detailing which items need attention
  • Call-out of any action items for the borrower or lender to complete
  • Who to call for help

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