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Mortgage Risk Services

Help your portfolio thrive and strengthen the communities you serve.


Our proprietary mortgage risk analytics enable us to identify opportunities across the mortgage market. When combined with our credit insurance and custom mortgage insurance, risk services help lenders manage risk and investors participate in mortgage risk sharing, to stabilize more neighborhoods across the US.

Risk Transfer Solutions

Improve your risk profile, capital position and/or recourse arrangements through our loan- and pool-level risk transfer solutions. We offer credit risk transfer and concentration risk transfer through credit insurance and custom mortgage insurance, positioning you to take advantage of evolving opportunities.

Credit Enhancement Solutions

Protect yourself against investment risks with our loan- and pool-level credit enhancement solutions. We use our expertise in credit insurance and custom mortgage insurance to create solutions that protect against potential losses. These solutions can be applied to residential mortgage-backed securities, possibly resulting in higher credit ratings and lower interest rates.

Capital Relief Solutions

Strengthen your capital with our loan-level capital relief solutions. Radian expertly develops transactions to boost your capital ratio through credit insurance and custom mortgage insurance.

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