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Lender Services

Fuel your business with Radian’s MI services. We empower you with the support, education and technology that helps you close more loans, faster.



Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the competition.


HFA Partnerships

Get significant savings for your borrowers through our partnerships with local Housing Finance Agencies.

gse program

HomeReady® and Home Possible® Support

Save eligible borrowers even more money! Our One Underwrite guidelines give lower coverage options to borrowers using Fannie Mae’s HomeReady or Freddie Mac’s Home Possible program.

Open the Door for Potential Homeowners

Share these resources with potential borrowers to help them buy their first home.


Achieve the Dream Website

Let them know about our educational website that helps potential homeowners navigate the buying process, from house hunting to closing.


Homeownership Counseling Center

Register your borrower for our free, online programs to help them maintain realistic budgets, establish goals and avoid common pitfalls.


Mortgage Payment Options

Have a borrower looking for help getting back on track with their mortgage payments? Share our available options with them, and discuss what’s right for their situation.


Mortgage Insurance FAQs

Empower your borrower with expert knowledge on how mortgage insurance can help them buy a home faster.

Get More Done in Less Time

Put our tools and technology to work for you.


Software Integrations

Streamline your process. Radian is integrated with the top LOS and pricing engines.

mi online

MI Online

MI Online is our web-based platform offering a secure environment that facilitates your MI origination, servicing, and Claims management tasks. By using MI Online to support your MI origination and servicing needs, you can:
  • Obtain a customized rate quote
  • Order MI and Contract Underwriting
  • Obtain copy of the MI Commitment & Certificate of Insurance
  • Activate coverage (monthly deferred only), both individually or in multiples
  • View up-to-date records of Premium payment
  • Access E-Bill
  • Transfer MI servicing
  • Cancel Certificates
  • Change Lender Loan Numbers
  • Submit documents for Underwriting, Early Validation Confident Coverage, Quality Control and Claims
  • Submit Claim requests and view status
  • View and download Initial Explanation of Benefit (EOB) and/or Supplemental EOB
  • Communicate with Radian Customer Care team via live chat and email


Stay up-to-date, find the changes on rates, guidelines, systems and company policies from the last 12 months.

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