Mortgage Payment Options

Life happens. If it gets in the way of making your monthly mortgage payments and you fall behind, call your mortgage servicer to discuss the below options for helping you keep your home.



If you’re able to afford paying a lump sum to cover the entire past due balance, your mortgage servicer may consider reinstatement. You provide a single payment that is applied to all past due amounts.


Repayment Plan

If you’re able to afford more than your regular monthly payment, but not a lump sum, your mortgage servicer may consider creating a payment plan that lets you catch up over time; the amount that’s beyond your regular payment will be applied to your past due balance.



If repaying the past due balance in full or via a payment plan is not an option for you, your mortgage servicer may be able to modify the terms of your current mortgage to make your payments more affordable. That modification may mean a lower interest rate, and/or extending the length of your loan to bring down the amount you pay every month.

Are You Protected?

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